Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two *FUN* Days at the Lake

Well, we had two truly fun days at a small little (pretty private) lake that we like to go to. The first day we (the children and mommy) went alone; the second day Daddy decided he wanted to tag along. What a special treat!

Tyler here playing in the water. He stayed in all day and ended up with a little bit of a burn on his little back despite the enormous amounts of sun block I slathered all over him! The next day he wore a shirt! :)

Brian exploring along the lake's edge.

Budge holding up his great find. Elisabeth, Budge, Brian and Daddy headed across the lake to look for wildlife. They came back with three turtles and a frog. A few minutes later, Budge found another frog.

The total wildlife catch for the day! (Within minutes of being home, the two frogs escaped!)

Budge looking for....???

Tyler "scootched" about ten feet away from me and the blanket to make his way down a slope to the water's edge. On the way back up, he lost his balance and toppled backwards. :)

Drinking from a "big boy" cup!

Meagan's and Lauren's Sand Castle

*Notice the seashell flag!

Derek holding the "big turtle."

An up close view

Brian, Big Turtle, Little Turtle
(Please disregard the legs in the background!!! lol)
Tyler wants to get in on the action!

Yes, that's a frog on his head.
We took about 100 snapshots to get just this one of the frog actually jumping!!!
Derek squishing (oops! I mean holding) the frog.
And my favorite picture of the entire two days....

Brian and Tyler
Tyler had gotten a little sand in his shorts, and Brian took him in to rinse him off.

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  1. Great pictures. Love it when we get to have family fun. Cool animal shots.


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