Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Last year our school started going to State Line's Fine Arts Competition, which, incidentally, has been on my birthday two years in a row. Last year the children and I stayed home but this year we went along to spend some time with Grandpa and Mikayla. I think Chad and I communicated less this year than we did last year, though we were technically together--at least in the same general location. Anyway, due to that event, we did not celebrate my birthday on my birthday. Saturday the 14th (my birthday is the 13th), the kids made me a special little lunch and decorated. Meagan colored me a little book; Elisabeth made a crown; Brian warmed up pork chops, and Budge made me a chocolate malt. Lauren, Derek and Tyler just hugged me extra :D. It was very special because they thought of it all on their own.

Friday, the 20th, Chad and the kids had a little party for me. Chad bought me three dresses from Dress Barn. He and Elisabeth made my favorite meal, Beef Stroganoff (and I have to say they did a better job than I normally do!). They decorated and even got me a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I felt like a queen, too. So sweet...

The children were fighting over who was going to hold my hand while walking downstairs (They made me hide in my room while they cooked and decorated); Budge and Meagan finally won out while the others pouted. In fact, Lauren didn't even come downstairs for about 10 minutes because she felt so badly about the whole thing.

The chocolate deliciousness!

Tyler enjoying the party

Lauren helped me blow out the multitude of candles (actually they were very kind and did not put all of them on the cake) :)

This is what happens when a baby boy has three older sisters

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  1. I am so glad you had a nice birthday celebration!! Happy Birthday to you again!! You have always been a great lady in my book!!

    What a beautiful blessing God has given you with your sweet children and Chad! Have a blessed day!
    lv-Mrs. M.


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