Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary, Chad and I were able to go to Traverse City overnight with the baby. We had such a nice time! Chad just spoiled me. We stayed at the nicest place in Traverse City, called the Tamarack Lodge. Oh, it was like being in the lap of luxury. Of course, I would never want to live like that every day because then getting away wouldn't be nearly as much fun! The above picture is a view from our balcony.
We took our bikes and went on a ride on a nearby bike trail. Then we took our bikes down by the water and rode along the shore line--so fun! Tyler slept right through it all. We went back and took a swim in the pool all by ourselves and then brought dinner in to our very nice room, complete with a full kitchen. A much nicer kitchen than I have in my house, I might add. They have the best of everything. We bought the necessary items to make breakfast right there in our room in order to be able to enjoy every last minute of our time in the beautiful room!

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