Thursday, May 21, 2009

Midnight Ramblings...

Oh, my, am I tired! I have lots of pictures to share, but that will have to come another day. I have many thoughts floating around in my head, but I haven't had the time to bring them to complete fruition, so I cannot share them today. I am falling asleep as I type this, but I miss sharing, so here I am. :)

We went straight from our week of Camp Meeting, which starts early in the morning and lasts until late at night, right into the final week of school, which is full of activities and extra duties. We have had picnics, long bike-a-thons, friends staying over while parents are away, trips to Cedar Point, and many other things going on. I can't wait until summer is here...just a couple of days and we will be able to breathe so much easier!!

We heard some fantastic sermons during camp meeting, but my favorite was the first one that I heard on Monday evening by Pastor Larry Brown from Iowa. He preached about submission in a way that I had never heard before, and it brought me under such deep conviction. Wow! I will never forget it. Someday I'll share it, but for now I just keep mulling it over and over in my mind trying to put it into practice and most often failing miserably.

Please pray for the family of a little four-year-old boy by the name of Josiah Herring who passed away this morning after a brief battle with an incurable brain tumor. Such a sad little story. I know those parents and family members must be hurting so deeply right now. I cannot imagine losing a child. The pain and emptiness and aching... But God's grace is always there when we need to help us deal with the hurt and loss. If you have children, take some extra time today to hug them and love on them. We never know what tomorrow may hold, so we need to seize the opportunities today! Opportunities to love.


  1. I will love to hear about Bro. Larry Brown's sermon. He is one of my favorite preachers. Are the sermons from your Camp Meeting available to purchase? Have a great day! Jennie

  2. Yes, Jennie, they are available to purchase on either CD or DVD. I can't remember the cost but can find out for you if you want. The church's phone number is 989.732.5676.

  3. What great blessings you have meant in the past month. I enjoy hearing
    Bro. Brown also.
    I did pray for this sweet family and went and gave my sweet granddaughter
    a extra hug and sung as song to her
    this morning as I am caring for her.
    Thank you for sharing. love, mrs. musser


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