Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Wheels!

Chad's van has been dying a slow death these last couple of weeks, so he has been hunting for a new vehicle. He waffled back and forth about what to buy--another van, another Yukon, a truck of some kind. We needed a way for him to transport the children to school as well as having a way to transport tools for work. He finally settled on this Chevy Avalanche. He's never really had a nice car since we've been married--just "junky" work vans.

Now that we have this new truck, I am trying to tell Chad that the most logical thing for him to do once school starts is to leave the truck at home with me and the two little boys and take the Yukon with the five other school-aged children. :) Seriously, there's only three of us and 6 of them!!

Chad getting ready to leave to buy the new truck. He came to me right before he was ready and said, "I was just thinking about my mom. She would have taken a picture of me leaving to get my new truck." So, I thought he probably wanted me to do just that!!

The old beast!

All the stuff that was in Chad's van, haphazardly piled in the garage awaiting a new home!

Checking out the new wheels!

Chad with his new Chevy Avalanche!!! (oops, I mean my new Avalanche!) :)


  1. Congratulations! It's a beaut!!

    Can't help but ask...where's Chad's hair? Is that a new hair style or is it receding? Or maybe it's the forehead growing! :)

    Something about those pictures reminds me a bit of Uncle Doug.

    Miss you all. Hope to come your way toward the end of summer.


  2. Niiiice! My man's forehead grows higher every year, too. It's fun to grow old together! :)

  3. Congrats! And what a great wife to take all those pictures!

  4. Hey, Tracy!
    Chad's hair is receding and thinning and graying. The school has done it to him!! ;)

    Uncle Doug...interesting. He's so thin that I often think of Uncle Scott and Uncle Doug, but Chad's so much more handsome! :D

    Love to hear from you!

    Yes, Amy, it IS fun to grow old together. I was registering for something and realized that I am now in a different age group--not considered young anymore! ;)

  5. Yes, I'd agree with the more handsome too. Couldn't resist the tease.

    David's thinning quite a bit in back too these days. At least his gray is distinguished. I just thank God for chemicals to keep mine brown! :)


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