Monday, December 8, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Back in October a member of our Sunday school class gave Chad several of the Trick or Treat coupon books from Big Boy for free kids' meals. We have gone to eat there a couple of times with those coupons. Today was the last day to use the coupons, so Chad wanted to go one last time. We all ordered and were waiting for our food. A couple (probably in their late 40's) was seated across the aisle from us. When they left, they commented about how nice our family was. A few minutes later, our waitress came and told us that someone had paid for our complete meal (with no free kids' meal coupons ;). What a blessing! I felt that God had just reached out and given me a big hug.

On Midnite Scrapper I was reading about RAKs, as she puts it, and PIFs, or Pay-It-Forwards. I really think that the whole concept is a Biblical truth: God gives to us to give to others. So, this week I am going to certainly be looking for someone else to show a kindness to. Pass it along.


  1. Well, hello there! Of course I remember you, silly! I've just glanced at your blog and will look at it a little closer later on. What a beautiful family you have! Glad you found me! Keep in touch.

  2. What a beautiful photo of (most of) your family! I love the expressions on your children's faces.

    I tagged you tonight. I know you haven't been blogging for four months yet, but maybe you could pick a photo off your computer (4th photo from four months ago) or something else to bend the rules a bit. Hope it sounds like fun for you!


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