Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Many Miracles

Last Tuesday we had our play about George Mueller at the school. The high school students performed the play itself, while the elementary students had a small part as a group. It was much easier this way, especially because the elementary-aged children do a Christmas program each year, in which they have to learn several parts. This year, the children were orphans in the George Mueller play.
Elisabeth trying to be serious

Doesn't she make a sweet orphan ?

We unanimously agreed that Budge had the best orphan costume.

Where'd my arms go?

Just for fun

My sweet hubby in the midst of "his children"

George Mueller had over 50,000 documented answers to prayer. He built 5 large orphan houses, housed over 10,000 orphans, a third of whom came to love the LORD, and received almost 7 ½ million dollars. He personally supported hundreds of missionaries, and when most men slow down in their “twilight” years, Mr. Mueller—between the ages of 70 to 87—began 17 years of missionary tours traveling over 200,000 miles, in 42 countries, spreading the Gospel to 3 million people. In his life he preached well over 10,000 sermons and read the Bible over 200 times—on his knees. And this very humble man accomplished this all by placing his TRUST IN GOD ALONE.

So Many Miracles. He had 50,000 documented answers to prayer because he prayed for them and then looked for the answers. I pray for many things, but I am not always tuned in to whether or not my prayers are getting answered. And, sometimes, our prayers do not get answered in the way in which we would choose. With the new year just around the corner, I am going to focus on praying and documenting the answers to those prayers. What a legacy to leave to your children! 50,000 documented answers to prayer.

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