Friday, January 9, 2009

Please pray for the family of Amanda Vignere, a teen girl who passed away last night in a skiing accident. The youth group from First Baptist in Hammond came up yesterday to go skiing and one of their girls ran into a tree while skiing and passed away. She was one of the best girls in the youth group. I can't imagine how their youth group is feeling right now. The youth group was supposed to go to a youth meeting tonight, but instead have gone home. Please pray for her family, the adult chaperones, and the teens. There has been a care page set up for updates about Amanda's funeral arrangements and any other details here.

1. It's January; I'm thankful for a new beginning and a new focus in my life.
2. Patience is what I crave most right now (and maybe a little Vanilla Rich Chip Cake, too ;)
3. Meditating on Scripture is so nourishing to my soul and spirit. (Why is it such a struggle to stay faithful in my walk with God?)
4. Let us dare to be truthful with ourselves.
5. I love my home.
6. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to skiing with friends and family, tomorrow my plans include seeing an opera live via satellite (I think) with some dear friends (I've never been to an opera before!) and Sunday, I want to be a blessing and an encouragement to the folks in our Sunday school class!

This is my crazy family sitting down to Christmas dinner the Saturday after Christmas. We usually try to get a silly picture also, as you will see in the second photo. There are three family members not in the picture - Brian (you just can't see him), Tyler (he was taking a nap), and, of course, me (I was taking the picture!). My parents bought our family a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. If you haven't played one of those yet, you should. It's a riot! Where else could I box my husband and beat him?!

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