Friday, January 2, 2009

Quick Update on the Boys

Both boys were still ill today, though neither one is still vomiting. Derek just laid around all day, and Tyler did pretty much the same. They both slept quite a bit, though not very soundly. Derek has had a fever all day; Tyler a small one this evening. Lauren was running a low-grade fever when she went to bed and said that she had a stomach ache, so she may wake up sick. Chad and I have planned an overnight getaway Friday night, so hopefully Lauren is okay in the a.m. A friend of mine called a couple of weeks ago to tell me about a free night at a nearby resort. What a fantastic blessing!

Chad and I at Smoky Mountains National Park

Derek hiding inside of a hollowed out tree

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  1. Glad your little guys are on the mend. I hope it doesn't continue to sweet through all of them. Being sick is bad enough, but hope deferred makes the heart sick, so I can imagine how disappointed you would be to miss your mini-honeymoon.


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