Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sibling Love

Our entire family has been sick this week. I think that I'm the only one that hasn't had this fever/flu bug. Of course, Tyler was one of the first to get sick, and he is also teething, so he hasn't been himself lately. Lauren has discovered that he likes to have his little shoulders rubbed. He LOVES it! He'll just sit really still while she massages him. He even leans into her a little bit. So cute! I just love catching them loving on each other.

Take a close look at Lauren's hair in the top picture. See all the little squiggly hairs? I have been having the time of my life checking out some different hair blogs. Who knew there were things like hair blogs?!? I am so challenged when it comes to hair-do's for the littles, and now I have a solution--steal ideas from others! ;o) Anyway, a few of my favorite hair blogs are:

Those of you with little s, enjoy!

On a slightly different note, I just have to share this funny story that happened the other day. Brian was sitting on the couch, and Lauren came up and tried to sit on the arm of the couch next to him. Here's the little dialogue that followed:

Brian - "Move, Lauren. You're invading my space."
Mom - "You've been invading my space since before you were born."
Brian - "Well, that's what moms were made for!"

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  1. Those pictures (and the act itself) are so precious. I peeked at your blog earlier today and this has come back to mind several times since. I just love when siblings show open love for one another. Thanks for sharing.


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