Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eleven O'clock and All's NOT Well!

Derek has just been hilarious lately when it's time for bed. We recently put him in a toddler bed, and he is having a little trouble lately knowing that it's time to go to sleep because the older two boys are usually coming and going quite a bit getting all of the last minute things done before bed. Of course, sometimes Daddy has to get them out of bed to complete a job that they left half done, also! :) So, last night, Derek was in bed with the boys at one point. Then, about half an hour later I kept thinking I was hearing something, so I went and checked. Sure enough, both Budge and Brian were asleep, but Derek was in between the two beds playing. He sleeps with a burp cloth by his face, and so he thought he would spread the joy with Budge and Brian and nicely laid his burpees as we call them on the two of them!
Budge and Brian asleep with Derek's burpees!

Derek was rewarded for his misbehavior by getting to climb into bed with Mommy and Daddy! A sweet kiss between Derek and Daddy!

Derek's feeble attempt at a smile!

I was so tempted today to get frustrated because I "seemingly" didn't get anything done. I had several things on my "to do" list and only accomplished one or two of them. The baby was extra fussy because he is catching a cold, Derek has a cold and needed Mommy extra today, Chad needed me to do some things for him. My things just didn't get done, and I was starting to feel down-hearted. As I was relating some of my feelings to Chad because I was having a hard time even getting dressed because the baby needed me, he said, "There will be other days for you to make a menu and go to the grocery store. There will never be another today for you to spend with this baby." What a breath of fresh air! I can relax. My baby needs me!

Ten years from now my children will not remember that I didn't get everything done on my "to do" list. They will only remember that I was crabby because I was frustrated. That is not the kind of mommy I want to be. I thank the Lord for a husband who "took the pressure off."

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