Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why Do We Do What We Do?

For quite some time now -- years, actually -- I have struggled internally with several things. It seems that the more children we have and the busier we get in the ministry, the more frustrated I get. Even after backing my own responsibilities way down to be home more to take care of the family, my emotional and spiritual well-being has not been in the best shape. To be honest, I have been quite short and at times even mean sounding to my family - the people I am supposed to loved the most!

In my quest to change my inner self, I have started several new things -- exercising, changing the way I eat, to name a couple. Still, I have been living in the "Land of Negativity." As my sweet husband and I were talking the other day, he said, "Why are you doing this blog?" For myself, I said. Later he said, "Why are you exercising?" For myself, I said. His reply? "Be careful how many things you are doing for yourself."

Ouch! At first, I wanted to rebel from those words. (I tend to be rebellious, a little bit! :) ) But as I thought about his words, I knew that he was right. I DO need to limit how many things I do for myself. So the past few days, I have been concentrating on consciously doing what I do for those around me. For example, I exercise so that I can live a healthier, longer life to be with my children. I do this blog so that my parents and my husband's parents have a way to keep up with us as they live so far away.

To put things even lower on the shelf ;-), I make my children clean their rooms not so that I have a clean house and can feel good about things but rather so that they will be organized, clean s. I want them to obey, not so that I am not embarrassed in public, but so that they become responsible, God-fearing s.

Why do you do what you do?

We had a little friend over yesterday (who is quite a handful), and had some craft time. Below is Derek busily gluing. Once he found out how to put the glue on, he did not put any more items on his picture!

Lauren busy at work making her picture "so pretty."

That pesky glue just won't come off my fingers, Mom!

Lauren's finished product.

Derek's finished product with a little help from mom.

Have a great day, and remember to not just do the right things, but to do the right things for the right reasons, as well!


  1. Hey Smurfley, I am glad you have this blogspot. When you are a very busy person you need a place to go to put perspective on life. It is good to be able to see how greatly God has blessed you. Just remember you do more in one week than most people do in a year, but you also have been given more love in one week than most people receive in a year.

  2. How right you are! I have been in that very same zone for a while myself, struggling to see "the light at the end of the tunnel" as far as emotions are concerned. What a blessing it is to be shown what you need; to get that outside perspective that makes life seem so simple. Serving people, especially the people you love so much, is a reward you can see everyday. To have so many little blessings in your home everyday is wonderful. Know that you are an inspiration, at least to me, and that is a big deal too!
    Thanks for doing this blog, you may think it is a selfish thing, but it brightens my day to see your pictures and hear your thoughts.
    Thank you.


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