Monday, October 13, 2008

Indian Summer

We have been enjoying the beautiful days of an Indian Summer around here and loving every minute of it! We have had several days in a row of temperatures ranging in the sixties and seventies. Seeing that we live above the 45th parallel, which means that we are closer to the north pole than we are to the equator, we usually get cold weather prior to this. We often have snow before the end of October, so I am especially grateful for the ability to wear short sleeves and walk barefoot outside in October!
We spent much of Saturday afternoon planting some flowers and trees that I had ordered awhile back that came in on Tuesday or Wednesday last week. I had ordered three rose bushes, so Chad and I went on a hunt to find some peat moss and bone meal with which to plant the roses. This proved to be a difficult task as most places in town have already moved that stuff out of the way to be replaced with Christmas items! :) However, ACE Hardware was faithful and true once again and had just what we needed.
We planted the roses, a weeping willow tree, 3 foxgloves, 3 astilbes, 12 hollyhocks, 20 daffodils, 2 burning bushes (which I got for free when placing my order). I transplanted two lupines and Budge dug out 3 daylilies for me. We still have to transplant the daylilies as well as plant a Weeping Cherry Tree that we have to expand the landscaping for! I absolutely love flowers!

Derek walking Katie on Saturday while we were busily planting. He walked her for quite awhile, but when he was done, he just let her go!

Brian chopping down the hostas. ("Mom, can I please dig something up or chop something down? Pleeeeease?)

Derek was getting a little sleepy, so he made himself a bed.

Chad was watching an Ohio State football game on Saturday, and what football game would be complete without homemade chips and dip?!? (The dip is homemade, not the chips!) Everyone in our family loves this Vest recipe, except Budge who won't even try it! A true family staple.

Budge getting ready to dig out one of the daylilies.

Flowers from my garden. I have no idea what they're called, but I just love them.


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