Thursday, October 9, 2008

Peach Roses...Just Because

My wonderful husband came home today with breakfast and these beautiful roses and one of the sweetest cards I've ever received. I spent some time trying to arrange them to make a pretty picture, and I ended up being quite pleased with the results.

This is the last rose bud in my garden this year. I'm not sure if it will bloom or not, but I sure am enjoying it!

I just received a shipment of flowers I had ordered a month or so ago. I am so excited to plant them this weekend as it is probably the last very nice weekend of this year. We are expecting temperatures in the high 60s with sun! I ordered two trees, a weeping willow and a weeping cherry, 3 rose bushes, 12 double hollyhocks, 3 astilbes, 3 foxgloves, 20 King Alfred daffodils, and 3 purple coneflowers. Plus, I got two burning bushes for free with my order. I just love planting flowers! I even enjoy weeding in my garden.


  1. Amanda,
    So glad you enjoyed the bread. I am always amazed at how good it is and how easy it is, too.
    I agree that your flower/card picture turned out pretty, too. How sweet of your hubby!
    I love the pics of Brian's face with his dead frog and the dirt all over your little guy's face. Isn't it fun to capture those things?
    Have a wonderful day!
    Love, Amy

  2. What a great surprise!! I love it when we get special treats just because!!


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