Friday, October 17, 2008

The High Calling of Motherhood

The day is almost over and she's feeling rather blue;
It's past the children's bedtime and there's still so much to do!
She's been racing since early morning as soon as the baby awoke.
If she doesn't find time to rest up soon, she may end up having a stroke!

It was just about time to have the kids pick their toys up from off the floor,
But they all ran in different directions when she answered a knock at the door!
The laundry's overflowing in five baskets down the hall.
Her hair's a mess, there are stains on her dress. . . she's about to "climb the wall!"

Little Joey needs a bath real bad, and the baby wants to nurse.
But before she can do another thing, she hears, "Mom! Billy's getting into your purse!"
The dishes are half-finished 'cause the phone began to ring,
And because of an "important" conversation, it seems she hasn't accomplished a thing!

She guesses she'll stay up past midnight, as she usually has to do. . .
(Or else she could to to bed now, and get up at half-past two?!)
. . . in order to get everything done before the next day dawns.
"If all these chores are left 'til tomorrow, they'll never get done," she yawns.

When finally all the children are settled, and everyone's gone to bed,
She has a quiet moment to think, to sit and rest her head.
Sometimes she wonders if the life she leads, in her calling of motherhood
Is all that she had envisioned 'twould be. Is it really all that good?

She wonders how she is serving the Lord, or if she can really please God.
She feels she will never accomplish great things, and most women today think she's odd. . .
. . .To rear a family and stay at home and do dishes and laundry each day.
It's certainly not too glamorous! Could she have chosen a better way?

She looks into the bathroom mirror and lo! What does she see?
Could the person there on the other side possibly be she???
Where is the slender, lovely that people used to know?
Now she beholds and wonders, "Where did that young woman go?"

She's given herself to her husband and kids,and for the past HOW many years (12)
Has experienced joys that were tempered by trials, laughter mixed with tears.
The wrinkles, gray hairs and stretch marks tell of all the years gone by.
They remind her that she can never go back, and she heaves a gentle sigh.

"Is it worth it all?" she asks herself, as she lays aside the broom.
She walks upstairs where the children sleep and peeks into each one's room.
The faces she sees in the dim night-light glow seem "angelic," so peaceful and calm.
She feels such a joy, just knowing these "blessings" wouldn't BE if it weren't for their MOM.

They are "gifts" from God she was used to create; it all becomes more clear.
Her job is important after all; it's a different kind of "career."
To be an example of godliness, to mold and influence their lives,
To be men and women of character, those who'll make good husbands and wives.

And it's in the daily, little things that they're taught to do their best,
To obey, to be humble, to sacrifice so that others' lives will be blessed.
"Oh, Lord," she prayes as she closes the door, after giving each "angel" a kiss,
"Help me to understand that for me, there is NO HIGHER CALLING than this!"

Linda C. Jacobs

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  1. Amanda,

    I just returned from Thailand and Cambodia and am catching up on some work in the office. I have jsut spent the last 30 minutes reading your blog. Now that I have quit crying I jsut want to thank you for giving me this way to keep up with the Vest family. I know Chad is so busy and we don't get to talk much. This blog means so much to us. It is professionally done. Keep dooing what you ae doing for US! And whenever you need to do something for just YOU, you do it and if the hubby give you a hard time tell him his dad said it was ok. I love you!



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