Thursday, October 16, 2008


Vision: The art of seeing things invisible.
- Jonathan Swift

What kind of vision do I have for my children, for my husband, for my home, for our family? If I have no vision, no idea of what the invisible should be, then I have no guiding force in my day-to-day life. The truth is, I envision my boys as grown men being hard workers, taking care of their families, serving the Lord, being upright, godly citizens. I envision my s growing up to be loving, faithful, sweet, obedient wives and mothers busily taking care of their little families and husbands, loving God with all of their hearts.

If that is my vision for my sweet babies, then I need to train them with the end in sight. Am I rearing children or grown-ups? :)

Yesterday, Daddy and Brian went on the soul winning bus, and the s, Budge, and the baby and I were home. After watching one Road to Avonlea video, the s got ready for church. Elisabeth dressed them up so prettily, I just had to take some pictures of them. An hour later, we ate dinner and scurried off to church. After a little playing around with the pictures today, these are the results I came up with.

Our little eleven year old who's growing up too fast!

Our little six year old spark plug

Our complicated little four year old

The "Little s" (Will they ever outgrow that name? I get teary-eyed thinking that they will)

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