Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our First Snowman!

We had our first snowfall the other day (Monday, I think). Last night after Missions Conference, the snow was falling pretty heavily. We were up late because we had friends over, and at 12:30 at night the kids (there were 10 of them) were outside throwing snowballs at one another. Our friends are Lowell and Michelle Griffin, missionaries to the Philippines. Their kids were thrilled to be playing in the snow again!

Here's Brian coming in from the snowball fight!

Here is our first little snowman of the year. He is in my dying flower pot, which makes him about 6 inches tall, I think. So cute!

Please pray for my sister-in-law Tracy Nymeyer, and her daughter Kara. They were involved in a bus on the way to church on Sunday morning. Tracy broke her collarbone and a couple of ribs. She is also pregnant, though the doctor says the baby looks fine. Kara suffered a concussion. You can find the complete story, complete with pictures and a newspaper article here. Tracy told me she has two specific prayer requests: 1. That her bones would heal properly so that the doctors would not need to do surgery after the birth of the baby and that the pain would not interfere with nursing and so forth later on. 2. That she would take the proper amount of medication so that she would be able to sleep but that would not be harmful to the baby. She is in a great deal of pain and cannot even get in and out of bed alone. A sister-in-law was watching 5 of her children yesterday so that she could rest. Also, Kara absolutely cannot hit her head again for a month or so. You know how children are, so please pray that she stays safe.

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