Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Photos from Yesterday

In my previous post, above the picture of Meagan and Lauren, it should say "The Little s". For some reason, the "girl" was left out. :-}
The Three s

While the s were busy getting ready for church and getting pictures taken, Budge decided that he wanted to make dinner for everybody!

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  1. Dear Amanda,
    I appreciate your sharing your heart in the post below about doing things for yourself. Blogs are nice in that you only need to share the part of you that you don't mind letting others see and you can hide the dark, ugly parts of life. Don't be discouraged by reading rosy-sounding blogs. I, for one, would not put my distasteful side up for all to see, and yet at the same time, that causes me to step back and find the happiness in my life when I am occasionally caught up in the dark cloud of my emotions. It's tough sometimes when we are lacking in sleep and adult stimulation and are surrounded by noisy, still-in-training little people who leave messes wherever they go. But you are right. It's not "all about me." When we keep our vision and remember that it's all about others, we find that surprising, the "me" that we had been putting first is happiest of all! :)
    I don't even know you, but I love your spirit and I enjoy reading about your precious little ones. Have a wonderful day!
    Love, Amy


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