Monday, November 17, 2008

God is GOOD...ALL the Time!

I have the pictures of my two youngest boys and my husband on here for a reason. On Sunday nights I have children's choir at 5:00 p.m. Usually, we all drive in together. Yesterday the two little boys were sleeping, and Daddy had a woodworking project that he was working on and would appreciate a few extra minutes, so the three of them were going to drive in separately. At 5:50, a lady came to children's choir to tell me that my husband had called me twenty minutes before and needed a ride to church because his van wouldn't start. I quickly hopped in the Yukon to pick them up.

As I was driving, the road suddenly became very slick, and I started sliding around -- even in four wheel drive! I had one nt thought the rest of the way home to pick up my precious "men": God did not want Chad to drive those two little boys to church in his van, so He did not allow it to start. Chad's van does not have any traction even in snow, let alone on ice. It slides all over the place. There are only two seats in Chad's van, and Derek would not have been strapped in. The roads were slick, God knew about Chad's van, and He caused it to not start.

That van starts all the time. God protected my family. Thank you, Lord! Yet another reason for thankfulness during this Thanksgiving Month.

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