Monday, November 10, 2008

Precious Memories

What a whirlwind of a day! With responsibilities at church and sick children at home, life quickly became chaotic today. Chad taught Sunday school and then came home so that I could go to church and be in the nursery with my friend and bring the three children home who were able to attend this morning. He started my chicken for me so that when I got home I could make pot pie. Then I had to get the music ready to begin practicing for the Christmas program in our children's choir. I left at 4:00. Choir is at 5:00. I left the church at 5:45 to come back home so Chad could go to church and be on the platform to make his announcements. Whew! Some day.

In all of the busyness, though, I was so thankful for some extra time to be with my children. Extra time for Lauren to come and help me make dinner in the kitchen. As the 5th child, she sometimes struggles to find her place in the family. She needed that special time to be with mom and play memory match and cook. (Cooking always brings us together!)

I've included some pictures from this summer. Just some miscellaneous photos that I thought grandparents would enjoy!

Tricia and Tyler

Derek mowing the lawn :) and Elisabeth holding Tyler on the swing

Elisabeth in her favorite position. This was her birthday, and Grandpa Vest was here and bought her several books. (She read them in about a month.)

Lauren and Brianna

Freshly Bathed Derek

Meagan's Kindergarten Graduation

July 4th
Grandpa and Budge

Isn't she beautiful?

I love this one. Grandpa and Derek

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