Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Way I See It...

Well, Elisabeth got new glasses today. She had wie-rimmed glasses before but wanted to try out a different look. At first I wasn't sure what Daddy would say, but he loved them. We both agree that she looks quite cute!

After we got home from picking up the glasses, Elisabeth commented that when you are used to wearing glasses all the time, and then you don't have them for awhile, you get more tired. I got to thinking about those words. They spoke to me of my own life in a way. When I am walking with the Lord, I am looking at life through my "glasses." When I get sidetracked and "lose my glasses" for awhile, I get tired because my "eyes" have to work harder to put things in focus. Once I get back to spending my quiet time with Jesus again, things suddenly become very clear again!

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