Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Long Time, No See

Well, I haven't been able to update in several days because our computer has been acting up. We have had a program called Naomi on our computer, and it has really been wreaking havoc in our little world. We are still working on getting it off, so updates may be spotty.

Daddy bought Meagan, Lauren, and Derek new coats the other day. Derek was hugging his coat yesterday and when I told him I needed to put it away, he grabbed it more tightly saying, "Ga Ga" with a big smile. He sure does love his DaDa a.k.a. GaGa. :)

Derek has been quite ill the last few days. I ended up keeping him home from church on Sunday night and probably should have kept him home on Sunday morning as well. He had a temperature of 104 degrees. He is much like Budge in that he stays quite active until his temperature gets quite high.
Sometimes life can get so overwhelming with school duties, church duties, play dates, meals, shopping, exercise, sickness, etc. It's so easy to concentrate on the seemingly negative aspects of everyday life. But there are so many positives. Even in the midst of Derek's sickness, I couldn't help but capture the sweetness of Derek laying on his little brother Tyler. And Tyler didn't mind a bit. He loves Derek, and I am so glad. I prayed that we would have another boy for Derek to be friends with. We had Elisabeth first, and she is the only child who does not have a same gender sibling right next to her. It goes like this: Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy. I am so thankful that God did that for the children. I grew up as an only child, and there were times that I was so lonely. I didn't want that for my children. Not only are they not lonely, but they all have a little friend right at their age. I love that!
Have a super day!!!

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