Monday, November 24, 2008

A Welcome Winter Weekend

So many things to do in the snow, and SO MUCH SNOW! We really only have about 5 inches or so on the ground, but the children just couldn't wait to get outside and play in it! Derek played in the snow for the very first time on Saturday. I had forgotten that I had bought Derek some very nice snowpants last year. It's always pleasant to discover that you prepared ahead of time. Derek was very warm...for awhile! ;) I'm thankful that we live somewhere that is beautiful when it's cold!

Derek feeding Budge hot chocolate. At one point, he grabbed his head and tipped it back. In the background we are watching some fantastic videos about evolution. We borrowed them a friend, and they are fascinating. Another great series of videos is Planet Earth, though they DO contain evolution. However, the footage in this series is wonderful, so we have chosen to go ahead and watch them while interjecting our "two cents" every time evolution is mentioned.

Derek getting ready to play for the first time in the snow.

Meagan went around the house finding as many icicles as she could. She then enlisted Elisabeth's help to get them down so she could eat them. (Gross, I know, but who didn't eat icicles as a kid?!?) If you didn't, you really missed out! :0)

Derek got so "cofe" (cold) that he had to come in and drink some hot chocolate.

On a different note, our Pastor has been preaching a small series of messages from I Thessalonians 4:3-12, entitled "How To Possess Your Vessel." My own personal meditations from the message over the last 15 hours has been from his fourth and fifth points of the sermon: 4. Stay away from bitterness with the help of the Holy Spirit. According to I Thess. 4:8, nearly all human anger is directed at God. 5. Stay in brotherly love with heavenly help. C. H. Spurgeon said, "The mother of all sins is selfishness."

My own personal reflections have led me to this place. I do not love my husband or children nearly enough. If I loved them enough, I would refrain from speaking harshly, from becoming frustrated with them. If I loved them enough, I would bring my body under subjection and not give in to my besetting sin. Sin is really all about love. When we sin, we don't care who gets hurt. We care afterwards, but at the moment of the sin, we don't care. Then we have to spend extra time trying to prove that we really love the ones we just hurt.

My focus today is to really, truly love my family. Doing the right thing.

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