Thursday, November 13, 2008

Styrofoam Cup, Everyday Mug, or Fine China

I have the opportunity to teach a Christian Womanhood class to the 7th through 11th grade s at our school once a week for 30 minutes. I leave after I lay the children down for a nap and get home around the time they wake up, so they don't even usually know I'm gone! Anyway, we have been discussing purity--not just purity in body, but purity in every relationship we have.

Yesterday, we had a small tea party to teach a lesson. I brought my Christmas china, folded napkins, bought sparkling juice (not many teen s like tea!), and had turtle pie. I even played Christmas music. Of course, we were in the school cafeteria, but the s still enjoyed it.

Once they were happily eating and drinking, I taught a small lesson. In the way you deal with others, in the movies you watch, the things you talk about, in every area of life, are you a styrofoam cup, an everyday mug, or a piece of fine china. In Psalm 45, you will see that God views you as a beautiful princess; He values you. He esteems you very highly. You need to value yourself, see yourself through God's eyes.

We had the tea party because I wanted them to feel pampered. I wanted them to see that the presentation is very important. The same food items given in styrofoam cups, on paper plates with plastic forks would have been fine, but it would not have been the same. They would not have felt as special. It was just a fun way to learn a little lesson. :)

All the s
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