Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Happy, Happy you, to you!

We had such a nice day as a family today...Slept in, Cuddled, Colored, Cooked. Life is good. My family is coming in to town tomorrow, so we're aflurry with activity trying to get Thanksgiving Dinner ready.

Elisabeth buttering the rolls before the second rising.

A nice little ball of dough in the hands of Lauren

Don't the rolls look just lovely in the pan?

Meagan decided to make a little snack and was sooo excited when they were ready to eat!

Well, we are going to have quite a spread tomorrow. I have been really wanting to "present" my food nicely lately. Isn't this turkey cheese ball so cute? The s and I had such a fun time making it. We were going to dig in tonight but decided that it was just too cute to eat just yet.
Last night was our school's annual Thanksgiving play. Instead of the traditional turkey, pilgrims, and Indians Thanksgiving program, Chad decided to do a play about George Mueller. It was so good. I plan on posting some of those pictures in the next couple of days.

Over on Daily Pleasures Amy challenged us to see if we did 100 things in a day that we loved. I don't know if I did 100 or not, but I did more than one. Let's see...
1. Nursed the most precious baby in the world
2. Nursed the most precious baby in the world
3. Nursed the most precious baby in the world
4. Nursed the most precious baby in the world
5. Nursed the most precious baby in the world
6. Spent time with Elisabeth in the kitchen
7. Kneaded bread dough (this is one of my favorites!)
8. Peeled 15 pounds of potatoes - I just love seeing the white of the potato
9. Baked a cake
10. Talked to my sil Tracy
11. Listened to my family playing together
12. Looked at pictures of fond memories
13. Laughed with a two-year-old
14. Ate pizza
15. Washed dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher (There's just something about washing dishes by hand that makes me feel like I just love my life. Why is that?)
Well, there are many more things I did today that I loved doing, but, alas, I must go to bed now! Have to get up early to cook my two eighteen pound birds. ;0)

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  1. And here I was thinking that I was the one nursing the most precious baby in the world, and now you say it was you all this time. ;)

    Caleb's not a very good nurser, but I do enjoy it thoroughly when he's sleeping. There's nothing like nourishing your own baby and watching him grow plump and strong from your own milk, is there?

    Thanks for sharing more of your daily, happy life.


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